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At Knox Levine, we provide a wide range of services to homeowners associations, condominium associations, mobile home associations, and residential cooperatives.

Our attorneys have worked with over 400 communities in Florida, providing a wide spectrum of legal counseling with a straightforward approach that gives clients the information and guidance they need.

Our Experience

Our attorneys have extensive experience and play an important role on their client’s professional team assisting the Board and management prepare for and conduct meetings; collect/foreclose delinquent assessments; interpret, amend, and enforce the governing documents; and, drafting and negotiating vendor contracts.

We offer assistance to our association clients in debt collections through effective methods and modern technology. Our lawyers supervise a team of experienced legal assistants who work toward collection and resolution of delinquent accounts. Our firm uses the latest technology with superior reporting capabilities to provide efficient and timely service, and prompt communication with our clients.

Our attorneys have significant experience helping clients resolve conflicts in and out of the courtroom through litigation, mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. Knox Levine has a vast knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern community associations and strive to provide comprehensive service to association clients. Our cloud-based software allows our clients to log-on to a portal for real-time file status and updates, accessible by internet and most smartphones through its respective application center.

Legal Services for Community Associations Include:

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